Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Puigs and the once solely coveted RC

I've done a fairly good job of pulling a good amount of the hot RC's each year, but Puig has eluded the packs I've bought. I'm at 4 Puig RC's now, but have bought enough packs to triple that. The past years I pulled a chunk of the Hot RCs.
The Rookie and the base card are still huge to me! It's what collecting was all about before the "Hit" or "Relic". It was all about getting the hot rookie card or getting your favorite stars base card.
I know it's still early and there are more RC eligible products, still I'm hoping to pull a few more soon.

These are the Puigs I'm looking for:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Opening a box of 2013 @Toppscards Update & Review

This was a super fun box to open! Tons of great looking base cards and had plenty of parallels and great inserts! I was unhappy when I realized I got a relic instead of an auto, but when I saw that it was #'d to 50 and Cliff Lee that quickly went away. I had not yet pulled a Puig until this box, and I pulled 3!!! I was happy to also get the cool Puig SP with the huge glove!
All in all I was very happy with this box, got tons of value out of it, had a blast!
I will go back for a jumbo, because I really want an Update Auto.
Also, still looking for a Franchise Forerunner Nolan Ryan / Yu Darvish as well!

What's in the Box
Packs in Box 36
Cards in Pack 10
Total Cards in Box 360
Inserts Pulled: 33
Parallels Pulled: 13
Hits: 1

Hit List:
Cliff Lee All Star Relic /50
Yasiel Puig SP
Carlos Gonzalez /25

Monday, October 14, 2013

Breakin' Blasters: 2013 Bowman Chrome

I'm a big fan of Bowman Chrome. It's my favorite bowman product other than Platinum or DPP.
This box was a great value (I got an auto so I'm pretty happy). For double the price of a rack pack, which includes 3 packs + 1 Parallel pack of 3, you get the same amount of cards sealed so no ones paws have been feeling your pack. I still plan to buy a box of Chrome, but if you want a good taste of chrome, this is a great way to go!

What's in the Box
Packs in Box 7+1
Cards in Pack 3
Total Cards in Box 24
Inserts Pulled: 1
Parallels Pulled: 3
Hits: 1

Hit List:
Keury De La Cruz Auto Chrome
Andrew McCutchen Refractor
Onelki Garcia Refractor
Mark Teixeira Refractor
Francisco Lindor (thru the ranks)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upcoming Reviews

Using my new review format, I'd like to review some of the new boxes I plan to buy. Hopefully, I can be more timely on my review and provide more specifics when I do. The boxes I reviewed today, I opened almost a month ago, so being very detailed and specific was difficult.
I plan to video the box break, and then provide more specifics on what I pulled and my view of the product.
Here are my upcoming plans:
2013 Panini Pinnacle

2013 Panini Cooperstown

2013 Topps Chrome

2013 Bowman Chrome

10/23 Topps Chrome Update

11/13 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

2013 Bowman Platinum Review

Bowman Platinum is one of my favorite products of the year. The platinum design is one of my favorite, richest looking designs in the hobby. I love how the design focuses on the player by removing the background and other distractions. These cards are quality in printing and in stock that is used. I'm a fan of the autos and relics, the quality makes it feel like a much higher end product than it really is.

Big Fan of Platinum! Will definitely buy more!

What's in the Box
Packs in Box 20
Cards in Pack 5
Total Cards in Box 100
Inserts Pulled: 7
Parallels Pulled: 9
Hits: 3

Hit List:
Mike Olt Auto Relic
Maikel Franco Auto
Beau Taylor Auto /399

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Review

I love the mystery and fun of Ginter, this was definitely a fun box to open. Nice looking cards with some fun inserts (peacemakers, civilizations, martial mystery, etc.)

I pulled some good inserts, a few parallels, and a Miguel Cabrerra box topper.
The 3 hits I had were decent. I was happy to pull an auto, after seeing many who only pulled relics. Unfortunately, It was not a baseball auto, but Nik Wallenda is a fun non-baseball auto to pull. The fact that it was on card and good quality helped as well.

All in all, Ginter is a ton of fun, didn't win the farm on the value of the box or hits, but the fun factor is high!

What's in the Box
Packs in Box 24
Cards in Pack 8
Total Cards in Box 192
Inserts Pulled:  
Parallels Pulled:  
Hits: 3

Hit List:
AGA-NW Nik Wallenda Auto
Darwin Barney Relic
Logan Morrison Framed Mini Relic