Monday, February 25, 2013

Top 5 Favorites to rip right now

#5 - 2012 Topps Archives

#4 - 2011 Topps Lineage

#3 - 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars

#2 - 2012 Bowman Platinum

#1 - 2013 Topps Series 1 Hangars

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'll be happy to add you to the list, just contact me @teddyballgamebb
Here is working list of collectors on Twitter and what they collect:
@teddyballgamebb - Nolan Ryan, Ted Williams, Jose Canseco, Texas Rangers, Campaign/Presidential
@jterry0509 -Royals, chiefs, Lawrie.
@MikeLDuffy - Royals, Broncos, UFC
@BenTheTrader - phillies and Scott rolen
@rootlinuxusr - Twins #LoMo #Millar #Nordhagen
@Erlingcrousse - JP Arencibia, current Blue Jays
@lastnatural34 -bryce harper and nationals. Plus mark prior
@61gabester -Jays, Rays (former and current, whether or not in uniform), and pretty much any cool card I can find
@josh21simon - I collect Dbacks Rockies Mets Tigers, AZ Cards, Broncos Packers, NY Giants C.Fisk, T.Seaver, RClemente, Goldy and Trout
@CollectinTex - Bob Gibson, Clayton Kershaw, and Hunter Pence.
@sfgmoney - I collect giants and Brandon belt!
@theevile66 - I collect tigers,doc gooden, mike trout
@_ibonge_ - Dolphins, Heat, Panthers, Marlins
@BrianHuens - Colts, Dodgers, Ryan Mallet
@Halofan25 - Angels, Yankees, baseball booklet cards, five star cards
@lachb170 - Current Twins. Gerrit Cole. David Wright!!!
@RyansPitch - Yankees, Braves & gen'l vintage
@SlusinCards - i collect 72 dolphins, braves, Anthony rizzo,sterling Castro, and blackhawks
@chefmsmith04 - ichiro, matt holiday, cardinals, relics, autos dolphins and anything that looks cool
@wrudart - I collect Cole Hamels, phillies, auto and rookies of the greats and top prospects
@mk9577 - Angels, prospect autos, and mike trout
@highlightreel31 - Rangers, Cal Ripken Jr
@MarcosMedina62 - Miguel Cabrera, Verlander, Harper, Sano, Ruth, Clemente, Berra, Barry Bonds and Aaron
@DetTigerz - Detroit Tigers, Al Kaline, Jim Thome and Edwin Jackson
@JoeWeb10 - Braves, 1975 Toppa, 2013 Topps Parallels and Inserts
@nyy_erik - yankees and ttt
@JohnInCR - just the Cubs and their farm teams.
@Rogie21 - I go for Dustin Pedroia, Griffey Jr. New England Patriots, Celtics
@Falconyx85 -I collect autographs, Griffey Jr, McCutchen, Harper, Taillon, Cole etc.
@joeriff22 - Matt Forte, David Wright, Reggie Jackson, Walter Payton, mets, and Bears
@Molorange - yanks and Todd fraizer
@nyy_erik - triple threads museum collection five star and yankees
@SWLVguy - Astros, Also PC Fisk,G.Carter,Ryan,Clemens.