Sunday, October 12, 2014

Collector Crate Bronze Box Review @CollectorCrate

I saw Collector Crate pop up on twitter and since I love #Mailday, this excited me. I immediately went to their site and looked for details. I was most concerned about what the price point would be. I don't buy cards for gambling, I buy to collect and for fun, so it had to be fun and reasonably priced. They have 3 different levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They also have boxes for different sports: Baseball, Football, and Basketball. The $29.99 box was appealing for fun and seemed to be a good value. Fortunately, I won a box and was lucky enough to check it out!

Each box is Guaranteed to include:

Bronze $29.99
10 Random Packs (Low-Mid End)
1 Random Game Used Card
1 Random Autographed Card
Bonus Items

Silver $69.99
10 Random Packs (Mid End)
2 Random Game Used Card
2 Random Autographed Card
Bonus Items

Gold $99.99
10 Random Packs (Mid-High End)
3 Random Game Used Card
3 Random Autographed Card
Bonus Items

You can register on their site at and create an account. There is no commitment, so you are not locked into a subscription that you are stuck in. I opened a Bronze Box from them and it was a blast!

I received my box in the mail way quicker than I was expecting:

 Each box is labeled with a sticker showing you what box you have received, this one is Bronze:

Now, What's in the box?!?

Fun Bonus Items:

10 Packs (Low to Mid End):

Sealed Collector Crate Envelope with 2 hits:

2012 Topps Archives Tim Lincecum Relic & 2007 UD SP Devern Hansack

This was a ton of fun to open! I love getting cards in the mail. After checking out the $29.99 Bronze box, I would say this is definitely worth getting into. Take a second and check out their site at The $29 box seems to be a fair value. I have been guilty of buying the $19.99 repack boxes from Wally World. They sneak too much low end in, have mainly retail packs, and there is no guarantee of a hit. For $29.99, you won't have to leave your house, you'll get two hits, some hobby packs, and some fun bonus items. Dig it! 

1989 Topps Jim Sundberg @rangers #rangers #cardoftheday

2013 Topps Archives Derek Jeter die cut #cardoftheday